Welcome, International Guests!

Focusing on roleplaying games as well as board, card and strategy games, Tracon Hitpoint is the spinoff convention of Tracon, held for the second time ever in March 2017, from Saturday the 3rd to Sunday to 4th. This year Tracon Hitpoint – like its parent convention – will be held at the spacious Tampere Hall.

There will be opportunities for international guests to participate in English-language game sessions, as well as meet other English-speaking convention-goers. Most of the programs are in Finnish, but possible English programs will be marked as such in the program schedule, to be published before the event.

Ticket sales will open starting from Monday the 31st, October 2016. If you have a Finnish bank account, tickets can be bought from Tracon’s web store. You can also purchase a ticket with cash at the event, provided that the event does not sell out beforehand.